Acknowledgements and Credits
Additional resources used for this project included
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The following individuals provided advice and assistance to this project

Allyson Peller Judi Haber
Anja Schumann Kathleen Scanlan
Charles Chen Laura van der Leeden
Chrissy Thurmond Marlene Warner
Christine Reilly Melissa Pleschakow
Dana Forman Paul Carey
David Shaffer Richard Earle
Debi LaPlante Richard LaBrie
Doug Bennett Sarah Nelson
Gabriel Caro Sarah Ruiz
Georg Alberer Wolfgang Schwens
Howard Shaffer  
Acknowledgements and Credits
Your First Step To Change was developed as a public service project by the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling and the Institute for Research on Pathological Gambling and Related Disorders. The design was developed by causemedia, inc. and Bennett+Dunne and funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Workbooks that were developed by David Hodgins et al. and Linda and Mark Sobell et al. provided background and information for Your First Step to Change.

bwin Interactive Entertainment AG provided translations of the toolkit in 20 languages and provided support for the re-design of the online version of the Your First Step to Change series.