Additional Resources
Problem Gambling Related Website Information
This list of Websites has been compiled to help you better understand the issue of problem gambling. Some of these sites refer to research on problem gambling, some refer to self-help groups, and others are sites of organizations that focus on raising the awareness and education level of the general public around problem gambling.
Bettors Anonymous -
Debtors Anonymous -
Gam-Anon -
Gamblers Anonymous -
Harvard Medical School, Division on Addictions -
Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling -
Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Bureau of Substance Abuse Services (includes state compulsive gambling treatment centers) -
National Center for Responsible Gaming -
National Council on Problem Gambling -
Responsible Gambling Council -
University of Minnesota Gambling Research -
The Basis -

Additional Reading
If you would like to read more about problem gambling, you might find the following resources useful and interesting:
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National Endowment for Financial Education. (2000). Personal financial strategies for the loved ones of problem gamblers. Denver, CO: Author. (This booklet can be ordered through the National Council on Problem Gambling at 1-202-547-9204.)
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Additional Resources
Reading this guide may have helped you to notice new things about yourself. Some of these things can be hard to deal with. Some may even be life problems that don't have anything to do with gambling. If you think that you have some other types of problems (or even some gambling problems that you need more help with), you should consider getting additional support or treatment. Some of the resources here may may help you, should you decide to seek additional information or counseling.